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Ben Brik Meets with Heads of Departments in the Ministry of Defense

Major General Ahmed Saeed Ben Brik, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), on Monday, in presence of Major General Saleh Ali Hasan, head of the Joint Operations Staff, discussed with directors of departments in the Ministry of Defense, the military, political and ministry’s situations, and its affiliated forces, referring to the need to work in a team spirit to raise the status of the ministry, and its affiliated units to protect and defend the country.

The meeting also touched on Riyadh Agreement and Consultations, as well as discussions took place on these aspects and the positive results that were in interest of activating and developing the role of departments in the Ministry of Defense.

The meeting emphasized the need of cohesion and unity of the southern efforts, in addition to entire-home arrangement to overcome this critical stage that the South is passing through it.

To the end of that meeting, the attendees stressed on the need to revive and restore the positive role and real existence of the military departments and directories, after losing prestige over the past years of the ongoing war.

The meeting was attended by Brigadier General Ali Saif Al-Qatwi, Director of the Infantry Department, Brigadier General Mohammed Salem Al-Wahaishi, Director of the Military Communications Department, Brigadier General Fadl Mohammed Obaid Gharamah, Director of the Department of Military Works, Brigadier General Sa’ad Rajeh, Director of Military Industrialization and Brigadier General Abdullatif Mohammed Al-Subai’a, Commander of Training Brigade and Brigadier General Ahmed Salem Al-Wadi, Director of the General Armament Department, Brigadier General Fadl Mashhour Al-Saadi, Director of the Central Military Reforming Department, and Brigadier General Shams-al-Deen Bakili, Director of the Insurance Department.

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