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Ben Farid: The Last Black Comedy of the Legitimacy …. The Hotel-Residing Government Threats the Southern Transitional Council with Penalties!!!

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Ministry of foreign affairs of Ben Daghar’s government sent a statement to its delegation in Geneva to include the southern transitional council in penalty lists. Ahmed Omar Ben Farid, a southern politician and writer said in a tweet on tweeter: “What a farce!!! The people who fought with the legitimacy against Al-Houthi militias, achieved all these victories and his leaders were exiled from managing their country is now threatened by the hotel-residing government with penalties!!”. He added: “The last black comedy of the legitimacy… Al-Mekhlafy and his mobile ministry threats the southern transitional council to include it in the penalty list!!”. In another tweet, Ben Farid Said: “Al-Makdeshy is very consistent with Al-Mekhlafy, one threats politically while the other threats with military acts. In my opinion, this is a message to all southern citizens whose brains were manipulated by the media machine of the reform and drove them away to a conflict with their southern fellows”.
Ben Farid indicated that, concerning the union, the north is only interested in fortunes of the southern lands and demanded all southern citizens to unite. It is noteworthy that Al-Makdeshy, who is accused of corruption indicated that the army in Mareb is ready for suppressing any try to coup against Hady in Adan and when peaceful demonstrations broke in Adan, the militias related to Al-Makdeshy tried to stop it with all types of weapons and overpower.

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