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Bin Farid addresses Bin Daghr: What is happening in Aden the capital is due to your presence as corruption partners

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The head of Foreign Relations department of the Southern Transitional Council in Europe, Ahmed Omar Bin Farid, attacked the advisor of the Yemeni president and the former prime minister who is under investigation for corruption crimes, Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr.

Bin Farid said on Twitter: when your government had absolute powers and support in the south, what did you do to the people other than corruption, political conflicts, and childish behavior? ”

He added: “What is happening today is the accumulation of your years of existence as partner with the corruption that you laid its groundwork in Aden, or did you forget the testimony of Sheikh Al-Muflihi who could not bear you for 48 hours until he submitted his resignation as governor of Aden.

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