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Bin Farid criticizes the falsification of history with the term “division of Yemen”

The head of the external southern dialogue team, Mr. Ahmed Omar bin Farid, on Thursday, criticized the distortion of the issue of the people of the South by using the term “division” of Yemen, stressing that it is a historical fallacy.

bin Farid said on Twitter: “Please… a bunch of morals, a little credibility and a lot of shame… Stop a little lying, fallacy and arbitrariness of the facts of history, geography and politics.”

He added, “This concept that you are trying to consolidate today and deceive the world with it, which is the concept of ‘dividing Yemen’, is the biggest fallacy that you market and promote to the whole world.”

bin Farid stressed that: “Its purpose is to show that this Yemen was, throughout history that extends back to a thousand years, for example, it was a republic and one unified state with masters and that it is a country with a political identity rooted in the depth of history.”

He stressed that this is a lie, slander, and a fallacy that you know as you know your names. You know very well the truth that says Yemen is a geographical destination, as is the case with Al-Sham, and it was never a country on the same geographical borders as it is today, except on May 22, 1990, when it was born as a unity project between two independent Arab states, one of which is our state, the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, which we are striving to restore as an independent and sovereign state as it was.

bin Farid asked, “Where did you come from with this concept of dividing Yemen, with which you are trying to blackmail the Arabs and non-Arabs alike! So that you have reached the point of talking about comparisons of that with those who are trying to divide independent Arab countries.”

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