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Breaking News: Statement of Comfort for the Southern People from the Southern Transitional Council

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] During these hard times that our free capital, Adan, Lives, the southern transitional council is observing consequences of the aggressive acts from Ben Doghr’s governmental forces, with directives of Ben Doghr himself and his minister of interior affairs, against our people who demonstrated peacefully demanding to live in dignity.
Accordingly, the council holds Ben Doghr’s government fully responsible for such tragic acts and confirms his gull commitment with peaceful choices. Our people demonstrated to say his words peacefully but any assault against our people’s right to express his demands necessitates that we will stand for protecting our people and his patriotic gains, victories and sacrifices.
We comfort our southern people and our sons in Adan that everything will be all right. We urge everyone to stand for peace, security and stability. We ask you all to protect all public, private and governmental facilities. We will always at our great southern people’s side and with his rightful demands. We will be the front line to protect our south.
We confirm that our calls were clear and have no military nature and the public demonstrations are all peaceful. But with the dawn of this day, we were all astonished by the deployment of Ben Doghr’s corrupt government’s military troops that blocked the roads and used gun fire against peaceful demonstrators and shed their innocent blood. Such acts led security forces and crowds of our people to protect peaceful demonstrators against corruption and failure of this government.
Therefore, the southern transitional council holds Ben Doghr’s government fully responsible because of violating the calls of the Arab Ally to cool down as the government used weapons to prevent peaceful demonstrators from reaching Al-Oroud Square and shot them with live bullets leading to killings and injuries among them. the council asserts his strong partnership with the Arab Ally in keeping security and stability of Adan that we scarified a lot for her since the beginning of the war.
The southern transitional council calls for the Arab Ally to continue his efforts for cool down in Adan and to listen to the rightful demands of the southern people. The council also calls his Excellency, president Abd Rabu Mansour Hady to follow reason and logic and to listen to the demands of his people in the south, who sacrifices a lot to defeat the coup militias, and to dismiss this corrupt government before the situations is out of control.
Issued by
The Southern Transitional Council
Sunday January 28th, 2018.

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