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Brigadier General Al-Ghabs: Fourth Brigade gets stronger everyday in its solidarity and cohesion which disturbs Islah party

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Brigadier-General Wafi Al-Ghabs, Commander of the Fourth Brigade Hazem, the commander of the Haifan Front, Ayarim, said in a press statement: Whatever the interlocutors wrote, and no matter how much the paid chatter, all this will not deter us from continuing our march and adhering to the goals and principles of our southern revolution.

He added: These hired pens and sick, malevolent souls seek to incite the dissent among the heroes of the brigade, but this failed.

He affirmed by saying: Despite all those attempts by the Islah party and its agents to sow a cleavage, the Fourth Brigade packed individuals and officers gets every day more coherent and tough, and their morale is high and their glory touched the sky.

He added: all these victories and those heroic attitudes achieved by this brigade, which has become a thorn in the throats of the Islah members and the enemies of the south, it hurts the Islah party and its allies and makes them flop, and for this they tried day and night to get distortion and abuse of this brigade as its leadership and individuals terrorized them and failed their plans, they failed and their dreams and hopes will not be fulfilled as long as those free, brave and patriotic souls of the brigade are alive.

He concluded his speech by saying: These dwarves and bats of darkness will not succeed in disrupting the cohesion, hardness, will and dignity of this brigade command and individuals.

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