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Brigadier Muneer Al-Yafey: In Pursuit of Terrorists from Gebel Al-Maraksha to Gebel Yafea

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Commander of the first backup and support brigade, Brigadier Muneer Al-Yafey Abu Yamama, severly warned all those who hide terrorists in their areas indicating that he will launch merciless attacks on those who are involved with terrorist groups. Brigadier Abu Yamama visited Gebel Al-Yazidy on Thursday morning in accompaniment of Colonel Ali Askar Al-Yazidy, to scrutinize the stage of operations where Ahmed Abd El-Naby, Al-Qaeda leader was killed and his brother and son were arrested. During this operation the security belt forces suffered three injuries. Abd Yamama urged citizens of Gebel Al-Yazidy to notify security forces about any terrorists and not to hide them as those who do so will pay a heavy price. He also indicated that his forces are deployed in from Gebel Al-Maraksha – Abian to Gebel Yafea and achieved many successes in a very short time. Furthermore, he asserted that the forces will never stop pursuing terrorists all over South Yemen. Grigadier Abu Yamama and Colonel Al-Yazidy also visited Abdullah Al-Yazidy, who was injured yesterday during clashes with Abd El-Naby in Gebel Al-Yazidy, in Tiba Hospital. The security belt forces attacked the stronghold of Ahmed Abd El-Naby, a terrorist of Al-Qaeda, and killed him in addition to arresting his brother and one of his sons while another terrorist escaped and is under pursuit now

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