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Brotherhood’s militia continues to violate cease-fire in #Abyan

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The terrorist Brotherhood’s militia continues to violate the cease-fire agreement by bombing the southern forces ’positions on Tuesday, in Wadi Sala, Al-Tarya, and Sheikh Salem.


The spokesperson for the southern armed forces in Abyan axis, “Mohammad Al-Naqeeb”, wrote on Twitter: The Brotherhood’s terrorist militias launched heavy fire with various heavy and medium weapons on the positions of our forces.

He added: The enemy militia aimed by that fire cover to carry out an attack, but our southern armed forces, and through its highly prepared and accurate firearm network, managed to silence the enemy’s fire and break the intentions of the attack.

It is worth noting that the Brotherhood’s militias rejected the recent cease-fire decision and refused to withdraw from their positions in accordance with the Riyadh Agreement, which stipulated in its military appendix that these militias should withdraw from Shokra of Abyan, as well as from Shabwa and return to Marib to confront the Houthi militias.


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