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Central Bank of Yemen in Adan Negates News about Delaying the Financial Deposit of Saudi Arabia

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Central Bank of Yemen in Adan negated all news concerning the delay of Saudi financial deposit and indicated that both Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Central Bank of Yemen are both eager to finish all banking and administrative processes as soon as possible as signing the deposit will be next week with attendance of all media agencies willing to attend.
In addition, the bank also negated news concerning transfer of the Central Bank of Adan from Adan to any other place as the bank is practicing its role freely and efficiently.
Furthermore, the bank’s media center asserted that all negotiations between the bank and Saudi ministry of Finance and Saudi Arab Monetary Fund about all banking and administrative arrangements for signing the agreement of Saudi deposit of 2 billion US dollars, according to royal decree directing towards providing the Central Bank of Yemen with this deposit to support national currency and fulfill humanitarian demands of food, medicine and other necessities.
The technical team, headed by Dr. Khaled Al-Abady, deputy chairman of the bank for foreign affairs, almost finished all arrangements with representatives of Saudi ministry of Finance and Saudi Arab Monetary Fund.
A meeting was held between Dr. Mohamed Mansour Zemam, governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, and Mohamed Al-Judaan, Saudi minister of Finance, who expressed his willingness to finish all arrangements and requirements for signing the agreement during the next week to deliver the sum of money confirmed by the agreement. Dr. Zemam appreciated the support and consideration of his Majesty Sevant of the Two Holly Sanctuaries and his Crown Prince to help the Yemeni people under these difficult circumstances.
With this negation, Central Bank of Yemen demanded all journalists and media men to be more cautious about what the news they share as such news may lead to doubts about banking procedures taken now and this may increase the suffering of the Yemeni people. On the other hand, the bank called for all Yemeni citizens not to listen to such rumors that aim to decrease their trust in their national systems and the bank is willing to respond to any questions about its work.

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