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Chairman of the National Assembly Discusses Relevant Issues with Deputy Governor of Lahj

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[su_dropcap]G[/su_dropcap]eneral Ahmed Said Ben Brik, chairman of the southern national assembly, received Mr. Awad Al-Salahi, deputy governor of Lahj and secretary general of the local council, in Aden on Tuesday December 25th, 2018. As part of strengthening the links among the southern transitional council and local leaderships of governorates, the meeting discussed relevant issues of services conditions and joint work for the welfare of citizens.
Al-Salahi appreciated the role of the council in the southern/southern dialogue as a step towards uniting the south and limiting differences. He also asserted the importance of joint work to improve services conditions all over the south.
The meeting also discussed current development on the political arena, especially the consequences of Sweden consultations and what may come out of it in the form of UN decisions that may reflect on the Yemeni and southern contexts.
Mohamed Al-Bakri, member of the administrative commission of the national assembly, attended the meeting.

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