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Commander of Aden Security Belt discusses aspects of cooperation with Doctors Without Borders

Brigadier General Jalal Nasser al-Rubaie, commander of the belt forces in the capital, Aden, met on Sunday, with the head of the mission of the Belgian Doctors Without Borders, Ewald Stales.
The meeting discussed the security and health situation in Aden the capital, in addition to areas of cooperation and coordination between the two sides.
During the meeting, al-Rubaie welcomed the team of the Belgian Doctors Without Borders mission, in which al-Rubaie got briefed on the details of the activities of the mission, its work and role in receiving emergency humanitarian cases from several governorates adjacent to the capital, Aden, especially those located on the conflict lines.
The Commander of the belt forces in Aden the capital appreciated the medical and humanitarian efforts made by the Belgian MSF mission in the capital Aden and the rest of the governorates of the South, especially on the fronts, stressing facilitating and securing the movement of medical staff supplies.

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