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Commander of Barshid Brigade: ” We are carrying out tasks of securing western gate of Hadhramaut

Brigadier General Abdul-Daem Al-Shuaibi, commander of Barshid Brigade, praised the role of Hadrami Elite Forces and leadership of the Second Military Region in facing all challenges, and their efforts to impose security and stability.
In a statement press, Al-Shuaibi stressed that our forces represent a thorn in the throat of terrorist organizations and their incubators, and work to prevent criminal schemes targeting Hadhramaut and its citizens.
Brigadier General Al-Shuaibi stressed the continuation of Barshid Brigade’s forces in implementing the military plans and carrying out tasks led by the Second Military Region to secure the western gate of the governorate with the participation of security and military services.
He called on the soldiers of the Hadrami Elite and the Southern Armed Forces to continue their heroic epics and great national cohesion to achieve security and military successes in Hadhramaut and the whole of the South.

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