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Commander of security belt forces in Aden the capital inspects security points during Eid days

Brigadier General Jalal Nasser Al-Rubaie, commander of the security belt forces in the capital, Aden, accompanied by a number of security leaders, on Wednesday, toured a number of security points of the belt forces in Aden the capital, checking the level of readiness of its members during the Eid days.

Al-Rubaie briefed the officers and soldiers on the progress of work in all departments and their various sections in the Aden Belt.

He also inspected the level of implementation of the security plan in a number of security belt points in the capital, Aden, during the blessed Eid al-Adha holidays, appreciating the security field deployment plan during the Eid holiday and efforts to protect the capital and enhance security and stability.

Al-Rubaie said that the security belt forces are the safety and security valve of the capital, Aden, and the protection of the citizens, stressing on applying all the measures that ensures keeping security and stablity in the capital.

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