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Commander of Shabwa Elites Forces – Azzan Axis – Confirms the Success of the “Determined Sword”

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Colonel Mohamed Salem Al-Bu Hur, commander of Shabwa Elites Forces – Azzan Axis – confirmed that Shabwa elites forces, with backup of the Arab Coalition, fully controlled Al-Saeed directorate in Shabwa. He indicated that the forces deployed in Al-Saeed almost without resistance from Al-Qaeda terrorists who were unable to confront the forces and became totally crippled to the extent that they use “lonely wolves” tactics for their attacks and this will be dealt with later. He added that controlling Al-Saeed means that Al-Qaeda is no longer able to launch serious attacks not only in Shabwa but also in the whole south. He asserted that the success of operation “The Determined Sword” is the result of cooperation among honorable citizens who played a major role in the advance of the elites’ forces and in expelling Al-Qaeda elements out. Al-Bu Hur thanked the Arab Co0alition and UAE troops for their backup. It is noteworthy that Shabwa Elites Forces, with backup of UAE troops, launche operation “The Determined Sword” on Monday morning in Al-Saeed directorate in Shabwa to expel Al-Qaeda terrorists out of Shabwa.

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