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Commander of the eastern sector of presidential guards’ troops officially delivers the sector to commander of the security belt forces

[su_label type=”info”]Aden – SMA[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label]Aden – SMA[/su_label][/su_spacer] According to official agreement that SAMA NEWS got a photocopy of it, security belts forces received command of the eastern sector from presidential guars’ troops.
Abd El-Hafez Mushbeh, commander of the eastern sector of presidential guards’ troops and Waddah abd El-Aziz, commander of the security belt forces signed the agreement September 14th 2017 in Adan and the eastern sector units were restored to their newly appointed posts.

The official statement of the agreement came as follows:
In the name of Allah, Most gracious and Most merciful
September 16th 2017
Subject: Delivery and Reception
According to orders, it is decided that on Saturday September 16th 2017 the delivery and reception procedures of the eastern sector are to be finished between the commanding officers of the security belt forces and presidential guards’ troops according to marshal order of command operations of presidency issued in September 14th 2017 as the presidential guards’ units are to be restored to their new appointed posts.
Accordingly, the commanding officers delegated to sign this agreement acknowledge the marshal order and work smoothly according to it.
May God bless our country
Commanding officer of the security belt firces
Waddah Omar Abd El-Aziz
Commanding officer of the eastern sector of presidential guards’ troops
Fahmy Ali Mohamed Ali
Abd El-Hafez Mushbeh

End of text
On the other hand, a military unit of the presidential guards’ troops disobeyed marshal orders and clashed with security belt unit coming to receive their post. This led to the killing of a civilian and injuries of several others in addition to panic among the public. Social media users, specialized analysists and public figures indicated this astonishment of this irresponsible behavior.

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