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Commander of the Hussein Al-Houthi Brigades gets killed in a southern artillery shelling on Al-Fakher front

Brigadier General Mohammed Hussein Abu Shaqra, commander of the Hussein Brigades affiliated with the Houthi group, was killed on Friday, as a result of artillery shelling by the southern armed forces on the borders of the Al-Fakher Front in Al-Dhalea Governorate.

Local sources reported that Abu Shaqra was killed in the bombing that targeted a Houthi site in the Al-Fakher area, and his body was transferred to a hospital in Ibb Governorate..

Abu Shaqra is considered one of the most prominent field commanders of the Houthis on the front on the borders of Al-Dhalea, and he played a prominent role in bombing security civilians in their homes in Al-Dhalea Governorate.

The killing of Abu Shaqra comes in light of the escalation of battles between the southern armed forces and the Houthis in Al-Dhalea Governorate since 2014.

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