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Commandership of Al-Dalea Visits the Security Belt

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Al-Dalea – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Brigadeir General Ali Mokbel Salewh, governor of Al-Dalea, commander of Al-Dalea axis and commander of 33rd armored brigade, visited the commandership of the security belt forces in Hawkalat Baglas – Al-Dalea. Colonel Zakaria Omar Kahtan, chief of staff of the security belt forces, Badr Al-Amery and other commanders, received the governor. During the visit, general Saleh met commanding officers and soldiers of the security belt and urged them to act according to their responsibilities during this critical stage. He indicated that the governorate depends on the security belt to preserve security of citizens and protect roads and governmental facilities in addition to facilitating traffic on roads and protecting passengers from being robbed on the roads. He added that Al-Dalea proved that it was the gate to victory over Al-Houthi and Affash militias and everyone will work with the security belt to establish this victory. He also asserted the humanitarian and security mission of the security belt forces never contradicts with any other force including the army. Colonel Zakaria Kahtan thanked the governor for the visit and indicated that this visit motivates all soldiers and officers of the security belt to exert more effort. He indicated that Al-Dalea waited for more than a year to receive the security belt forces and here are the forces, with best qualification, are taking its share in protecting security of the governorate. He promised that the forces will coordinate efforts with all military and security forces to maintain order and security of the roads and facilities.

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