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Comments of the Speech of UN Delegate

Ali Ben Shanthour
Ali Ben Shanthour

In his speech to the security council, UN delegate to Yemen asked if the conflicting parties understood the message well. He clearly indicated that the military conflict is Yemen is useless and this means the UN will soon abandon the Arab Ally and recognizes it as a party in the conflict just like Sanaa. The report accused all parties of disrespecting the international law of protecting civilians and all parties are responsible for destroying infrastructure and children’s killing! The UN delegate accused powerful parties to elongate the conflict for their interests and held them responsible for the starvation of 17 million persons. He also indicated that several generations will suffer4 the consequences of this war. He also said that there is no victor in this war and the biggest loser is the Yemeni people. If all parties are losing the war, then why doesn’t it stop? In addition, he referred to the serious situations of the southern governorates, as he called it, where everything is still the same amid calls for a permanent solution for the southern cause. He asserted that he has ideas about that situation on condition that all parties show some flexibility. So, do we really see flexibility? At last he said that he is about to offer recommendations for an inclusive solution that includes some trust-fostering initiatives, but he said that these ideas will be delivered to the Yemeni government and Al-Houthi without mentioning the south!
According to this report, do our brothers of the Arab Ally understand the serious situation and the clear change in UN tune? Is it time for reconstructing the liberated southern territories, including Adan, to get it out of the circle of failure? Or shall we still depend on reports of false experts who assure the Ally that everything is OK while the real situation is totally different, only to serve their interests?
With all respect to our brothers of the Ally, there are serious gabs in their policies, along with the policies of the legitimacy, for managing the situation and reconstruction of the south. Those who bear the responsibility of managing the south should grant its security, reconstruction and basic needs. Both the north and south suffer from the same indifference with no salaries, no services and no institutions, as if the state ran away!
The current conflict that feeds tribal aggression makes reasonable persons to pray for God that we don’t end like Syria, Libya or Iraq. The same files were in the hands of our brothers in the Gulf and when their views contradicted, failure halted all efforts. We hope that we don’t reach that point as there is still time. The only remaining question is that how do the Arab Ally ask Al-Houthi and Saleh to recognize the legitimacy of president Hady while Hady is not allowed to return to Adan? This irony will make the world laugh at us.

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