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Coordinative committee of Southern Youth continues activities and consultations with various youth sectors in the south

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Science its establishment by president of the transitional council “Aidarous Al-Zobaidy”, the coordinative committee of southern youth is bearing its responsibilities towards unifying the voice of youth in one mainstream to facilitate selecting the youth Cota in the transitional council and to fulfill the revolution’s objectives. Representatives of the coordinative committee work under direct supervision of the chairman to initiate a work program including consultative meetings with various sectors of youth. In Adan, the coordinative committee initiated several preliminary meetings with youth activists and leaders to formulate an inclusive vision about the role of youth as partners in establishing the state, as an extension to their role in the revolution. During the past few weeks, representatives of the coordinative committee held meetings with all sectors of youth in Hadhramaut that led to massive concord among youth about the committee. In Lahag, Al-Dalea, Shabwa and Abian, representatives of the committee are still holding preliminary meetings in preparation for the more expanded meetings during the next few days. It is noteworthy that the coordinative committee enjoys great acceptance and admirability among all sectors of youth as they consider it the safe path towards their deserved places inside the transitional council.

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