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Crowds of people from central districts of Ataq, Al-Saeed and Nissab in Shabwa flock to sit-in camp in Armaa

Crowds of people from the central districts of Ataq – Al-Saeed – Nissab in Shabwa governorate flocked on Wednesday, to the old Shabwa area in Armaa district, to support the popular sit-in for the people of the eastern districts.
The popular crowd arrived at the peaceful sit-in camp, led by the tribal sheikh of Hamar Ali bin Lasoud al-Awlaki, and a number of notables, dignitaries and social figures, where notables and social figures of the Bel-Abeed tribes led by Sheikh Aqil Bahmeed advanced to receive the crowd, expressing thanks to their brothers from the central districts for their hardship of travel and their fraternal solidarity.
The people of the districts of Ataq, Al-Saeed and Nissab affirmed the unification of their firm position in supporting the sit-ins in old Shabwa, and their full and absolute support for the demands of the Bel-Abeed tribes and the eastern districts in general, stressing the speed of response to popular demands to expel the Brotherhood militia and prevent the creation of any illegal camps in the governorate.

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