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Deputy Head of NSMA Meets the Ambassador of the Netherlands

Mr. Mukhtar Al-Yafe’y, deputy head of the National Southern Media Authority (NSMA), assisting the Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), received on Thursday, at the headquarters of NSMA in the capital, Aden, H.E. Janet Sieben, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Yemen.

Upon receiving her, Mr. Al-Yafe’y welcomed the ambassador’s visit to NSMA, affirming that Aden welcomes all ambassadors as it is the city of peace, tolerance, and diversity and witnesses security and stability at all levels.

The meeting discussed the latest developments in the situation in the region, where Mr. Al-Yafe’y highlighted the position of the STC to ensure the success of the peace process and called on it to place the cause of the people of the South within its own special negotiating framework in the peace process as a pivotal issue to achieve a comprehensive, lasting, and sustainable peace that fulfills the aspirations of our people in the South by building a civil and federal state of the South.

In the context of his speech, Mr. Al-Yafe’y pointed out that the ongoing crisis taking place in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and Bab al-Mandeb Strait in terms of maritime piracy deliberately carried out by the Houthi militias does not serve the Palestinian issue but rather serves their masters in Iran and seeks to improve their image in the local and Arab communities, explaining that piracy will disrupt the course of the peace process. It will also affect food security in the country due to the disruption of international navigation, stressing that the international community must stand firmly in the face of these terrorist acts.

Al-Yafe’y called on H.E. Janet Sieben to keep doing her best to contribute to the qualification and training of national staff and public institutions, including the media, to create a conscious generation that contributes to shaping the future away from wars and fighting and using the weapon of science in the face of backwardness, extremism, and terrorism.

For her part, the ambassador expressed her happiness in visiting the capital, Aden, and the headquarters of NSMA to get acquainted with its tasks and mission, articulating her interest in the media aspect towards achieving the lofty goal of formulating a speech and discourse that enhances peace and renounces war.

At the end of the meeting, the deputy head of NSMA presented her excellency NSMA’s shield in appreciation of the efforts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Ambassador Sieben in the process of bringing peace to the country, the aspiration of the people of the South, and their leadership of the Netherlands in strengthening partnership and cooperation relations.

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