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Deputy of Socotra for Islands Affairs visits Kalansia Power Station

[su_label type=”info”] Socotra – SMA[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label]Aden – SMA[/su_label][/su_spacer] Raed Al-Guraiby, Deputy of Socotra for Islands Affairs visited Kalansia Power Station to discuss power supplies status. During the visit he demanded quickness in maintaining the main generator with 1 megawatt to cover the city and asked local authorities and power personnel to exert more effort to decrease citizens’ suffering, especially children, patients and elderly, from power shorts and blackouts that usually happen during summer. Eng. Gabry Al-Siny presented detailed report about power situation in the city saying that the main generator suffered a technical error that reduced its capacity from 400 volts to 250 volts while the two minor generators are ready to work in full capacity but need mixers indicating that he will work on restoring the main generator to service today. Power employees thanked Al-Guraiby for fulfilling his promises about sending maintenance teams. In tha main time, Al-Guraiby indicated that Ahmed Ben Hamdoun, governor of Socotra, is observing daily work of all departments closely to assure that citizens get their daily needs of power, water, health, education and other vital services. He also praised UAE support for all sectors, especially power sector.

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