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Despite being attacked by Houthi leaders, the ousted “Saleh” denies any clash with “Ansar Allah” ‎and attacks “Hady”‎

[su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Sanaa -SMA[/su_label][/su_spacer] The ousted former Yemeni president “Ali Abdullah Saleh” denied any conflicts between The Public ‎Conference Party and the Houthi’s Ansar Allah. Despite public adverse statement from Houthi leaders ‎against Saleh, he indicated in his interview with “Yemen Today” that a “fifth column” provokes ‎sectarian strife and suspicions between the Public Conference and Ansar Allah. Saleh said he made ‎and will make concessions to avoid clash with Houthi. As usual, Saleh attacked his successor president ‎‎“Hady” denying his legitimacy and assuring that decree no. 2216 is a war declaration against Yemeni ‎people. It is noteworthy that conflicts raised among the coup parties in Sanaa during the past two days ‎and reached its peak today when the Houthi militia besieged Saleh’s residence in a try to arrest him ‎according to ground sources ‎

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