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Director of Al-Bereka Revises the Work of Official Campaign for disconnecting Random Electric Power Connections in Several Parts of the Directorate

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Hany Al-Yazidy, general director of Al-Bereka revised the works of random electricity disconnection campaign in the directorate. During his meeting with manager of the 3rd electricity zone, Eng, Tawfik Hazza, Al-Yazidy listened to detailed explanation of the works of the campaign initiated by distribution, inspection and legal departments of the zone under full security protection. He also discussed the negative effects of illegal and random electric connections as it increased loads and electric current wastes. This leads generators and transformers to damage in addition to falling of electric wires and damages of electric devices due to low current. Al-Yazidy praised the efforts of all workers in the zone in facing such a negative phenomenon and called for citizens’ cooperation with the campaign through admitting legal requests for electric current. He also directed the zone to facilitate citizens’ requests. The meeting was attended by managers of distribution, research and legal departments of the third zone, Maged Saleh, Nashaat Othman and Yaser Fadl in addition the legal chancellor Akram Kattoush.

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