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Dismantling an Explosive Device Implanted under the Car of a Superior Officer of the Second Military Zone at Hadhramaut

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Special explosives forces of the second military zone – Estern Raida Directorate – Al-Makla, dismantled a 3kg explosive device implanted under the car of a superior officer of the commandership of the second military zone. Hesham Al-Gabery, spokesman of the second military zone praised the sense of security and full alert of special forces soldiers and officers who discovered and dismantled the device before explosion. Al-Gabery indicated that this is a practical evidence of professionalism of security elements who are highly trained on such technical missions. Al-Gaberey also indicated that such efforts deny terrorism the opportunity to threaten the security and stability of Hadhramaut coast as precautions against terrorist acts made the area safe due to the efforts of the second military zone.

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