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Document: The Principles, Objectives and Foundations of Building the Southern Transitional Council

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The people of South Arab recognizes and ratifies with all their different categories and components along with the Arab and international community the legitimate and just national cause of the people of South Arabia and their pioneer and popular revolution that reflects their legitimate aspirations and options on solving this issue. However, as this issue and revolution lacks a unified leadership and vision as the cornerstones of any revolution and for solving any issue.

It is from that point, the Southern Transitional Council represent a leading framework for the issue of the people of the South Arabia and the objectives of its revolution, is a practical requirement and a national entitlement that can not be delayed or prorogue.

The facts and current implications of the situation confirms that the South and the sacrifices, victories and achievements of the people until this very moment are threatened by many dangers that require confronting by national concerted efforts and actions organized and integrated with the divisions and differences that is fueled by the adversaries of the cause, unite the national efforts and capabilities, invest and employ the opportunities available to complete the liberation of the land from the invading occupation forces, fortify the land and the people from the possibility of a re-occupation, and spare the people and the nation the dangers of falling into a swamp of chaos, extremism and terrorism, and protect the unity of the ٍSouthern national structure and identity.This will only be achieved through an organized national leadership entity that directs and regulates the political and field actions of the revolution of the people of the Southern Arabia with their peaceful pathway (the Southern Movement) and their armed struggle (Southern Resistance) towards the attainment of its desired goal of restoring its sovereignty and achieving its full independence and rebuilding its independent federal national State on all its national territory with its internationally recognized borders.
And thus, and the culmination of the national efforts accumulated over the past years up to this moment, and in response to all the continues calls from the southern people which regularly calls for Southern Political process in a crucible unified national entity that expresses the aspirations of the people of the South and protects the sacrifices of its people and its objectives, and secure the achievements and victories that were achieved on the ground, and the completion of the accomplishments and entitlements tasks of the national liberation stage, by building its institutions and representing its cause in the international and regional arena , or at any future negotiations or dialogues.
The importance of forming a Transitional Southern Council came based on the following principles, objectives and foundations:

First: The Principles:

The Southern Transitional Council shall be established to exercise its activities in order to achieve its objectives as follows:

1) The state of Southern Arabia, with its recognized international borders was commonly known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen before May 22, 1990 as a homeland and a national identity for all its citizens in all sectors and segments, with all political, social and cultural affiliations without any discrimination among them with equal rights and obligations of citizenship as guaranteed by the constitution and the desired independent Southern state legislation’s. It is not permissible for anyone to restrict or derogate the exercise of those rights and obligations in contrary to the texts of the laws and institutions.

2) The people of South Arabia are the sole dominion of sovereignty over all its national territory and the source of all authority and its legitimacy, and will exercise authority directly through the popular referendum and free and fair elections or indirectly by their elected representatives and national institutions of their choice. No one should take over power or take a fateful decision contrary to the peoples will or without their reference.

3) The Southern people issue with its roots, dimensions and repercussions is a land and human issue and usurped sovereignty and looted wealth and identity intended to be obliterated, produced by the failure of the unity project of May 22, 1990, between the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (South) and the Arab Republic of Yemen (North). and its transformation into a destructive military occupation of the south.

4) The Southern people libertarian revolution embodied with both its peaceful path (Southern movement) and arms resistance path ( Southern resistance) and the great tribulations, and the great sacrifices, and the decisive adherence to Its legitimate right to restore its sovereignty and gain full independence from the occupation of Sanaa and its tyrannical regime, and to rebuild its independent federal national state on the entire national soil of its internationally recognized boarders before May22, 1990.

5) The major goals and objectives of the liberation of the peoples of the South embodied in a national liberation and a comprehensive advancement project (Deep-impact and far-reaching) that derives its contents from the real purposes of the reconciliation, tolerance and southern harmony project for the restoration of an independent homeland. A prosperous, free and healthy of all the past causes and consequences of conflicts and mistakes of the south in all its stages.

6) Southern ِArabia is part of the Arab and Islamic identity, and its security is part of the security and stability of the Arabian peninsula, the Arab region and the world.

7) The contents and the resolution of the Aden declaration issued by the will of the Southern Arabian people in their million gathering on the fourth of May 2017, represent a governing reference for everything related to the establishment and functioning of the Southern transitional council.

Second: The Objectives:

The objectives of the Southern Transitional Council are focused on the achievement of the general objective of the southern people and its liberating revolution, that represent the restoration of its sovereignty and obtain its independence and building its full sovereignty National Federal State by achieving the following interim objectives:

1) Completing the liberation of the land from the invasion and occupation forces.

2) Mobilize the national efforts and capabilities available and coordinate them for the management of the liberated land, and rebuilding and activating the civil state institutions.

3) Achieving the independence administrative requirements of financial and political aspects from Sanna. And the drafting of documents and programs for the building of an independent, modern Southern State.

4) Preserving the gains of the peaceful southern movement, and the victories achieved by the southern resistance with the support of the Arab alliance, and maintain the security and stability of the south.

5) Combating extremism and terrorism and protecting the security and stability in the region in partnership with regional and international communities.

6) Promoting the relationship and partnership with the Arab alliance countries, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and all means and options available that leads to the general objectives of the southern people (independence) and the council interim objectives following a study and consideration and approval by the National Assembly.( the highest legislator of the Southern Transition Council )

Third: Foundations of the Southern Transitional Council:

The National Transition Council will be built as a leading national transition entity for the South with pre – May 22, 1990 boarders. according to the following principles:

1) National entity.

a) The holder of the Southern Arabia peoples cause and its national liberation
b) It is an embodiment of the interests and aspirations of the segments and
groups of society in all their political, intellectual, social and other fields.

c) Its leadership frameworks are composed of different segments of society, its
specter and its components (revolutionary, political, social, occupational). And
does not replace those components nor cancel their existence nor the political
project of each component, and the differences of perspectives and visions
will return to dialogue leading to consensus or resort to the will of the people
to referendum and elections in the future.

d) It is not a party, nor a political, social, class or elite component …etc, It does
not have a political project for its members, followers or supporters. It is a
national leadership framework that organizes and coordinates the potentials
and capabilities and power of the people and elites and its members towards
achieving its goals and aspirations.

2) Leading entity:

a) Its institution is built based on its affiliation and intellectual and sentimental
loyalty for purposes and objectives of the national liberation project that it
holds, and not on the basis of organic affiliation as is customary in belonging
to organizational frameworks (political, partisan, community).It regulates and
organize the political and field actions of the revolution of the people of the
South.(Southern Peaceful movement, Southern Resistance),Towards the
achievements of the goals for which the martyrs and activists of the peaceful
southern movement and the southern resistance sacrificed.

3) Transitional Entity:

Its specific mission is to lead the Southern people to accomplish the tasks and benefits of the national liberation stage to the formation of institutions of an independent national state, and its mission will end at that point, and its institutional entity will dissolve as such, and its symbols and followers shall subsequently reorganized themselves according to any political frameworks in accordance with the constitution and laws of the next state.

Fourth: The foundations procedural to form the Southern Transitional Council:

1) The national dialogue governed by the principle rules for national consensus and the general rules of the above mentioned foundations represents a methodological practical tool to achieve national consensus on the establishment and construction of the Southern Transitional Council.

2) Building and developing the Southern Transitional Council represents an open and flexible process that allows everyone to be assimilated in accordance with the foundations, principles and objectives set out in this document, and according to practical mechanisms that does not close a door or impede any individual, political , social or revolutionary component..ect, In partnership in the restoration and reconstruction of the nation.

3) The draft documents ( political vision and the Statute ) shall be presented to the National Assembly after its establishment for discussion and approval, and what is to be done in accordance to those drafts documents project, during the establishment stages, subject to re-correction or renewal on those documents after their adoption and approval by the National Assembly.documents.

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