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Dr. Al-Khubaji Meets STC’s Heads, Cadres, Bodies, Committees and Centers

Dr. Naser Al-Khubaji, member of the presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), head of the Negotiations Unit, met, on Sunday, heads and cadre of the General Directorate for Foreign Affairs (GDFA), the Decision-Making Support Center, the Supreme Legal Committee, the team of political advisors, and the Supreme Economic Committee of the STC.

Dr. Al-Khubaji delivered a speech, at the beginning of the meeting, which was attended by Brigadier General Pilot Naser Al-Saadi, member of presidency of the STC, Al-Khubaji reviewed the immense political gains achieved by the STC’s team in Riyadh consultations, and achievements made in the consultations in which certain difficulties and obstacles that face the Southern people in course of their goals were removed.

Al-Khubaji continued, explaining the goals achieved by the STC’s team, including pinning down the issue of the South at the head of the Statement and outcomes of the consultations, and placing it in a specific framework in consultations of the final solution, as determined by the people of the South, touching on a number of steps that will futurely be in a work program on the ground.

Al-Khubaji stressed that the unity of the Southern attitudes has become stronger than ever, praising the performance of the Southern Dialogue team in this regard, as well as efforts and strong relationship with the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

During the meeting, a number of points and visions were presented by the heads and cadres of the STC’s bodies, committees and centers, on the outcomes of Riyadh consultations, in addition to remarks on different sides including service, security and economic aspects in governorates of the South, and work required in the current stage on the ground with a concrete action to serve community of the South.

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