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During his meeting with the Minister of Transport, Al-Kathiri stressed the necessity of finding a strategy to attract investments in the transportation sector

The Acting President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Chairman of the National Assembly of STC, Ali Al-Kathiri, on Monday, in his office at the Assembly’s headquarters, received the Minister of Transport, Dr. Abdul Salam Saleh Humaid.

The meeting discussed the general situation in the country and its effects on the transport, especially the ports in the South.

Humaid previewed the efforts of the Ministry of Transport to develop the navigational activity of ports and trade movement, in addition to the progress of land transport of goods and products between governorates, coming from neighboring countries.

In the meeting, Minister Humaid presented plans to develop the activity of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, airports in the South, and the obstacles facing the work and programs of the ministry of Transport.

Al-Kathiri praised the ministry’s efforts to improve the movement of commercial and navigational activity in the port of Aden and the rest of the governorates, and its efforts to reduce the cost of marine insurance to attract shipping companies and importers, and improve navigational services.

Al-Kathiri called for finding a strategy to attract investments in various transportation sectors, and to provide the required insurance for companies and investors, expressing the readiness of STC to overcome difficulties and provide all facilities to develop the transportation sectors.

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