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First court in Aden powered by solar energy instead of electricity

SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital

Al-Borika Court of First Instance inaugurated in Aden the work of the solar energy system instead of electricity and its interruptions, especially “during the summer temperature these days and because of the inability to work with the required manner due to the high temperature and humidity, in light of the high hours of power outages in the court in particular and in Aden in general.

Since the provision of electricity will contribute to the regularity of the judicial work, and its arrangement will help in providing services to citizens in all the cases before the court, which increased during the strike period, which caused pressure to work for judges and employees because they were unable to work during the power outage, which negatively affected the workflow. In particular, the court has only two judges in addition to the president of the court, and despite the increase in the number of criminal, civil and personal cases, and cases of proof and implementation, they were not provided with judges.

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