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Fishermen in Lahag appealed for local authorities to reopen fuel allocations of Khour Omaira station in Al-Modarba – Lahag

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Fishermen of khour Omaira – Lahag wondered about stopping petroleum allocations of Khour Omaira station by Oil Company of Adan as the owner of the station is an expert who provided fishermen with necessary fuel with suitable prices during the war from Hadhramaut and he is famous for his white hand over needy and patients. They asked the company about reasons for this stop although there are several stations in the area that sell the fuel can for 5500 Rial and still pumping!!
Fishermen asked local authorities to end this situation quickly so that oil extracts become available again in the area to decrease citizens’ suffering in Khour Omaira and Ras Ara – Lahag

Galal Al-Swisy



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