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For the event of Glorious 14th October ‎

 Salem Al-Shiba
Salem Al-Shiba

Dear fellow citizen: your mobilization to Adan is a patriotic duty and legal right so never miss it so as to be able to raise your voice and clearly say your word at Al-Mualla Square to establish the‎ main pillars of the Southern State and its principles and goals. A few days separate us from vital ‎decisions the southern transitive council should take to move stagnant water towards fulfilling the expectations of our southern people. The anniversary of the 14th October Revolution this year is critically vital in this critical stage as all citizens of the south should be one hand and one voice to defeat the enemy’s plan. We call for all citizens to mobilize to brave city of Adan from all over the south. We should be all in Al-Salam Street to say it as one word full of determination that our choice is the south. It is a test for our unified will to show the world the unified south from Bab Al-Mandeb to Al-Mehra who is willing to pay the price of restoring his liberated state. We should show ‎the world that we refuse to turn back as Ben Doghr wants to the so-called Door of Yemen. The reform party, after being clinically dead for a while, is now returning to try to revive this hopeless hope and announces the mobilization of its supporters in an event for the so-called legitimacy that ‎‎100% northern and working against the south. Their ugly truth is clear for all eyes and their directives come directly from their god-father ousted Saleh and Ali-Muhsen Al-Ahmar. This is why it is important to mobilize in Adan. This time is not like previous ones because the reform party and Ben‎ Doghr want to prove the division and instability of the south. They are holding an event in Khour‎ Maksar to try to show the world that we are not unified in the south. So, don’t listen to them and let them fail as before. The decision is the southern people’s decision, and not Ben Doghr’s who‎ gets his directions from Ali Muhsen and other war criminals in Sanaa. Beware of them and let them fail as their failure will be the beginning for our state to start and flourish. Prove to the whole ‎world that we are unified and those who are outside our solid unification are marginal groups that‎ seek for its own interests through its weightless brokers. They want the south to remain under custody of the north but your choice should be the declaration of the connotational military council that will rule the south towards regaining our state, our identity and our humanity. Mobilize to Adan‎ and say yes to freedom… say yes to independence. ‎

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