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Front lines in Al-Dhali receives support convoy

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The leadership of the First Brigade thunderbolt represented by the Commander Major General, Brigadier Abdul Karim Al-Solani in Al-Dhali governorate, received on Monday, a support convoy for the combat fronts in the governorate.

The relief convoy provided by tribes, sheikhs, merchants, businessmen and civil society in Al-Shuaib district in support of the heroes of the southern forces in the fighting fronts north of Al-Dhali.

During the reception, Commander Abdul Karim Al-Solani expressed his thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed to the conduct of this convoy, which strengthened the collective role and social solidarity and raised the spirit of cooperation and interconnection of the social fabric, praising at the same time the stand with their fighters on the fronts who make sacrifices in defense of the land and religion from the Persian tide.

He continued saying: It is not surprising, from Al-Shuaib Directorate, these heroic positions, and have previously provided a lot of support in all situations and the crises that Al-Dhali is going through and this convoy is the second since the beginning of the battle provided to the fighting fronts

The convoy was chaired by Brigadier Yahya Abbad Ahmed Mahdi, head of Southern Transitional Council in Al-Shuaib.

The convoy included the supplies and needs of the fighters in terms of food, medical supplies, clothes, first aid materials and shelter materials provided to Al-Dhali fronts.

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