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General Coordinator or Organizations and associations in Al-Hauta Sends a Call for Help to UAE Red Crescent and International Organizations to Save Refugees in Al-Hauta

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Al-Hauta – Lahj[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] Eng. Hany Melikan, general coordinator of of organizations and associations in Al-Hauta, sent an urgent call for help to UAE Red Crescent and International Organizations to save refugees from several northern governorates including Taez, Al-Hodeida, Zemar and Sanaa in addition to refugees from Lahj directorates (Tour Al-Baha – Sheab – Karsh). Most of these refugees didn’t receive any aids from any organization since they arrived at Al-Hauta, more than two years ago. Al-Meikan called for all UAE Red Crescent and other international humanitarian organizations to save those people as most of those families lost their supporters and can’t find food or shelter for their children. Al-Melikan added that he visited several organizations and provided them with lists of refugees hoping to find help for them. It is noteworthy that more than 500 families escaped to Al-Hauta from different governorates and even from some directorates in Lahj to save their lives from war.

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