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General Director of Al-Bereka Visits Differentiation Examinations for Those Who Apply for Joining Public Schools

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Hany Al-Yazidy, general director of Al-Bereka visited differentiation examinations for those who apply for general education with support of Social Development Fund. During the visit attended by Taimour Hady, Coordinator of Educational projects at the fund, Al-Yazidy praised the level or organization and preparation in addition to procedures taken by department of Education at Al-Bereka to assure scrutiny, transparency and integrity of results. He also indicated the importance of these exams for providing general schools with well-qualified teachers who are capable of bearing their responsibilities honestly and accurately. He also praised the efforts of the Social Development Fund in supporting the project that provides youth with real job opportunities in educational sector. Al-Khadr Salem Baglah, director of Al-Bereka Education Department indicated that from 1413 persons who sent their files, 967 persons fulfilled all criteria and attended the exam. From those who attended the exam, 140 persons will be chosen to work as teacher for only one year that can be renewed. Head of services committee at the local authority, Mohamed Abd El-Wahab Naif and head of education office at the Education Department, Ghassan Ahmed Al-Katawy, attended the visit.

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