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General Secretariat of STC Presidency Stands on Prep-work for the 55th Anniversary of Independence Day Celebrations

The General Secretariat of the Southeren Transitional Council (STC) held its periodic meeting on Wednesday in the capital, Aden, chaired by Mr. Fadhl Mohammed Al-Gaadi, member of the STC’s Presidium and deputy secretary general.

The meeting reviewed the latest preparations for the activities of the 55th anniversary of the glorious National Independence Day, November 30, and the Secretariat called on the people of the South to actively participate in the celebrations that will be held on this occasion in all governorates of the South.

The meeting discussed the performance report of the Cultural Department for the third quarter of 2022, and the activities and initiatives implemented by the Department during the aforementioned period.

The meeting shed certain light on the draft of the general orientations of the STC’s work plan for the year 2023 submitted by the Organizational Department, and a number of notes and remarks had been placed to be submitted to the STC’s Presidium for approval.

The meeting studied a report on the political landscape submitted by the Political Department, which dealt with the most prominent topics and issues on the southern scene during the past two weeks.

The meeting also stood before the developments taking place in the capital, Aden, and other governorates of the South, as suggestions that can lead to boosting and upgrading the workflow were presented.

The meeting discussed the weekly activity report of departments of the general secretariat, in addition to reviewing and approving the minutes of the previous meeting after assimilation of the presented remarks.

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