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Governor Lamlas chairs a meeting to enhance joint work between Aden Ports and Road Maintenance Fund

Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, Governor of the capital, Aden, along with Dr. Mohammed Alawi Amzarba, Chairman of the Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation, and Eng. Moeen Al-Mas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Road and Bridge Maintenance Fund, the main center in Aden the capital, on Sunday, in the capital, Aden, held a meeting to discuss aspects of cooperation and joint coordination.

The meeting, which was attended by the Executive Director General of the Land Transport Corporation, Abdul Bari Al-Harbi, reviewed the series of government procedures and directives currently being implemented regarding determining the weights of heavy transport vehicle loads leaving the port to preserve the main roads in the capital, Aden, and prevent their damage.

The participants touched on proposals to ensure continuity of work, according to the requirements of the stage, and agreed to work to reach a radical solution that requires working sessions and a broader discussion of all aspects, before delivering a draft decision for approval by the government.

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