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Governor Lamlas chairs meeting of Executive Office of Mansoura and inaugurates projects in the districts

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

The governor of the capital, Aden, Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, chaired on Thursday, a meeting of the Executive Office of the Mansoura District, in the presence of Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali, Commander of the Backup and Support Brigades, and Ahmed Al-Daody, Director General of the District.

This came during the governor’s inspection visit to the District, accompanied by the first undersecretary of the governorate, Mohamed Nasr Shazly, during which he inaugurated the local council building in the district.

In the meeting, the governor stressed the importance of rehabilitating the local authority building, which was destroyed during its purification of terrorists and outlaw groups, and the importance of maintaining it, as it represents the symbolism of the state.

At the same time, the governor praised the performance of the leadership of the local authority in the District in all aspects, stressing the importance of working at the same pace, and making more efforts to provide services and revenues in a way that contributes to pushing the wheel of development.

The governor of the capital added, “We must, in the local authority, provide security and stability to the citizens, and work to apply the law to everyone without exception,” directing to intensify cleaning work and harnessing the capabilities and mechanisms available for this.

Lamlas pointed out that the governorate leadership faces a number of problems, most notably the fabricated crises in services, but it has the resilience and steadfastness to face these crises and overcome them, Allah Almighty willing.

Governor Lamlas concluded his speech, stressing the necessity of holding meetings of the Executive Office regularly, and stressed keenness to follow up on projects and develop resources.

The meeting discussed by members of the executive office in the District a number of issues related to services.

The governor had also, as part of his inspection visit to the Mansoura district, inaugurated a project to build additional stands at the Mansoura Club stadium, funded by the local authority.

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