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Governor Lamlas chairs the security committee  meeting and approves its security plan for 2021


The security committee in the capital, Aden, held its periodic meeting on Thursday, chaired by Mr.  Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, the Governor of the capital Aden, Chairman of the Committee.

In the meeting, the governor Lamlas assured that “The country is still in a state of war, and the other side has not excluded anyone, and continues to implement its military plan, and its mobilization and attacks on a daily basis and in different regions, if we wouldn’t be united and be vigilant, it will undoubtedly succeed. ”

The governor noted that Aden the capital is still suffering from some security imbalances, abuses, and organized work to plunder the state’s lands and create chaos, which all draw negative image of Aden before the world, stressing that everyone must be at the level of responsibility to combat these acts, and to realize the seriousness of what is happening, and what is being planned against Aden, and confronting it with serious and honest work in performing daily practical tasks.

The meeting assessed the current security situation in the capital Aden, where a number of proposals were submitted aimed at improving security performance, to consolidate security and stability foundations in the capital, and protect state property and citizens.

The committee discussed and approved its security plan for the year 2021, which included a number of security programs and measures for strengthening the security situation in Aden the capital, most notably the effective solutions to solve the various problems in Aden and its consequences thereof that disrupt the security and stability of the capital.

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