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Governor Lamlas confirms the response to all cases and files of the University of Aden


The Governor of the capital, Aden, Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, met with Dr. Al-Khidr Lasour, President of the University of Aden.

The meeting discussed areas of cooperation between the local authority and the university, and means of coordination between the two sides, to develop the quality of the educational and administrative process, and to employ and empower capabilities, experiences, and ideas to support the construction and development process in the capital.

Governor Lamlas stressed the local authority’s continued keenness to interact and respond with all issues and files related to the University of Aden, as it is the most important educational edifice in the capital, stressing the need to make more efforts by everyone, so that the University of Aden, with its various faculties, departments, and research center, is at the forefront of universities. , not only at the level of our country, but also in the ranks of the advanced Arab universities.

Lamlas said, “Whatever the challenges and difficulties that we face today in various institutions, universities are distinguished by the fact that change and development come from within them through employing and empowering their capabilities and cadres from various disciplines and fields.”

Governor Lamlas, briefed the President of the University of Aden, on a set of measures implemented by the local authority to address and solve a number of university issues, foremost among which are the attacks on the university lands, the university teaching hospital project, and the problem of high transportation fees for students.

For his part, the President of the University of Aden valued the role and efforts of the local authority represented by Governor Lamlas, and his constant interaction with the university’s issues, appreciating all the support he provides to the university, foremost of which is his recent initiative in providing buses to transport students, and alleviating their suffering in light of the difficult economic conditions that the country is going through.

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