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Governor Lamlas directs to approve financial allowances for 40 new female contractors

The governor of Aden the capital, Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, directed the approval of financial allowances for 40 new female contractors, in support of literacy and adult education activities.

After days of his directives to honor the first high school students to encourage outstanding students in Aden, and to confirm the continued commitment of the local authority to disburse annual allowances and the nature of work for teachers, as well as support the trainees’ training center project to enhance the activity of technical education and vocational training, this great concern of the leadership of the local authority is entrenched through Also interested in supporting and developing literacy and adult education activity.

The Director General of Literacy, Issam Al-Muqbili, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the governor for his support for the efforts of the Literacy Department. He confirmed that this contractual addition, which will be distributed to the eight directorates, will contribute to developing the performance of the Literacy and Adult Education Agency, educationally and training in the fields of sewing, engraving and other tasks.

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