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Governor Lamlas: We want the rights of Aden in accordance with law and order

The Minister of State, Governor of the capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, on Thursday, chaired the first regular meeting of the new year for the general directors of the districts and the Office of Public Works and Roads.
The meeting was devoted to evaluating the work of the Public Works Office in the capital, Aden, and its branches in the districts, in addition to discussing its plan for the new year 2024.

The meeting witnessed the presentation of numbers and statistics provided by the Revenue Development Center regarding the achievements and their comparison with what was achieved between the previous and current meetings.
During the meeting, the discussion stressed the need to adhere to the law and order in work mechanisms, making decisions, facilitating transactions, and accelerating the process of issuing and renewing licenses to practice professions, collecting commercial fees, disbursing commercial meters, and various tasks assigned to public works offices in accordance with the laws and regulations.

The meeting also addressed a number of weaknesses that accompanied the workflow of the Works Office and its branches in all the districts. In this regard, Governor Lamlas stressed the need to raise the pace of performance and improve the administrative level, overcome the difficulties faced in the workflow, activate internal control, and work in accordance with the principle of reward and punishment.

Lamlas concluded the meeting by addressing the attendees, saying: “We want the right of the capital, Aden, in accordance with order and law, stressing that violating official will be punished, and the defaulted person will be replaced by someone who is more competent, more worthy of work, and capable of bearing responsibility.”

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