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Governor of Aden the capital: Crater has become safe, and those responsible will be held accountable


The governor of Aden the capital, visited Crater city of Seera district in Aden the capital, after the recent bloody events that took place between the security authorities and groups of armed elements who are out of order and law, during which the governor stressed that the situation in Crater has become safe and stable and community life is normal and at a high level.

During his visit, the governor got briefed on the extent of the damage and destruction that affected the buildings and public and private properties of citizens, and directed for the formation of a committee to determine the damages to start the compensation process.

In his visit, Lamlas said: “All these imbalances and mistakes came as a result of the accumulation of war, and we will work with the specialized security authorities to address all these previous imbalances and will not allow them to be repeated.”

Lamlas stressed that all those who committed these crimes, which claimed the lives of many citizens and sought to disturb peace and security in the capital, Aden, will be held accountable, and the files of all those involved in this will be brought to justice.

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