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Governor of Hadramaut announces official handover of Al-Wadiah land port

Mabkhout bin Madi, Governor of Hadramaut, Chairman of the Security Committee in the governorate, on Saturday, took over the Al-Wadiah land port in Al-Abr District, administratively and security officials, announcing the inauguration of work on the new port in the port.

During the receipt process, the Governor of Hadramaut was keen to inspect the port of Al-Wadiah, in the presence of the Commander of the Arab Coalition Backup and Support Forces, Major General Sultan Al-Baqmi, and toured the new port.

Bin Madi was briefed on the level of achievement during the last stage, as he learned about the necessary requirements to officially begin transferring the Customs and Passports departments to the new port.

He also reviewed the progress of work at customs and passports and the security reports on the work of securing the Al-Wadiah crossing, extending 15 kilometers to the west, 40 kilometers to the east, and 30 kilometers to the south.

He announced the completion of the official handover by the local authority in Hadramaut of the Al-Wadiah land port, directing the speedy move to the new port to organize work and relieve citizens.

He said that the local authority in Hadhramaut will not accept citizens and pilgrims sleeping on the ground and the presence of nests and inappropriate views at the crossing, stressing that the security and military brigades are subject to the supervision of the local authority and the security committee in Hadramaut.

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