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Governor of Lahj and Commander of the Fourth Military Zone Lead a Military Operation and Restore Gebel Al-Karn in Tour Al-Baha, less than 12 Hours After Being Controlled by Al-Houthi Militias

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Brigadier General Ahmed Abdullah Al-Turkey, governor of Lahg and commander of brigade 17 infantry, and General Fadl Hasan, commander of the fourth military zone, led a military operation at the first hours of the morning in Wadi Sheb, east of Tour Al-Baha. The operation restored the Gebel Al-Karn Peak after less than 12 hours of being occupied by Al-Houthi militias. The military forces engaged in this operation were from brigade 17 infantry with backup of the southern resistance. General Al-Turkey was appointed last week as governor of Lahj in addition to his position as commander of brigade 17 infantry. This victory taught Al-Houthi militias a hard lesson and increased public expectations from general Al-Turkey and his men.

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