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Governor of Shabwa reviews report of the work results of the Finance Committee

The governor of Shabwa, Awad bin Al-Wazir, on Thursday, chaired a meeting of the local resources committee in the governorate, to review the report of the results of the financial committee’s review of the office of public works, and to inspect the financial books.

Bin Al-Wazir praised the work of the Finance Committee and the completion of its tasks through its inspection tours of government institutions, calling for the continuation of the monitoring rounds on the collection of financial revenues for the governorate and for taking measures to stop any measures that violate the law and holding the perpetrators accountable.

The committee recommended stopping the printing of financial books without referring to the local administration and the Finance Office concerned with disbursing and monitoring the collection of financial revenues, disbursing and retrieving the books, and taking the necessary financial guarantees on the collectors to ensure that the revenues are supplied and not disposed.

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