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Governor of Socotra appreciates security achievements in the archipelago

The Governor of the Socotra Archipelago, Eng. Raafat al-Thaqali, discussed with a ministerial security committee the security developments in the archipelago, the difficulties facing the various security agencies, and the development of appropriate solutions to the obstacles of the security work.
In the presence of the leaders of the archipelago, al-Thaqali expressed appreciation to the achievements of the security services during the past year by thwarting a number of criminal operations aimed at destabilizing security and stability and disturbing public peace.
He pointed to the importance of raising vigilance and security readiness to miss the opportunity for criminal elements and outlaws, and to confront attempts to spread the poisons of strife, criminality and division to prejudice the security of citizens, stressing the need for concerted efforts by all to establish the pillars of security and stability.
In turn, Colonel Ali Al-Daksami, Director of Security of the Socotra Archipelago Governorate, praised the efforts of the local authority in the governorate in supporting the security services, stressing the readiness of the security men to sacrifice their lives for the sake of serving the country and the citizens.
The meeting discussed the security situation in Socotra archipelago and its stability, reflecting the peaceful instinct of Socotra, and ways to consolidate security and stability at all levels.

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