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Governor of Socotra reveals assessment of performance of security and service agencies

The Governor of Socotra archipelago, Eng. Raafat al-Thaqali, stressed the need for security forces to maintain vigilance and a sense of security, to protect the interests of citizens and enhance stability and tranquility throughout the archipelago.

During his chairmanship of an expanded meeting of the leadership of the police and security services and centers in the governorate, al-Thaqali drew attention to evaluating the role of the security and service agencies and the level of performance of their security obligations to ensure community service in the coming period.

In the meeting, the Governor of Socotra directed the preparation of a security plan in the districts of Hadiboh, Qalansiyah and Abd al-Kuri, he also reviewed the security situation on the island and security efforts to enhance stability, and efforts to activate investigations and security patrols.

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