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Hady: The conflict is s merely political about power and type of regimen. Al-Houthi and Saleh in the Middle of Dispute Storm With one hand negotiating and the other on the trigger, Hady only sees a military solution for the crisis

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Alliance between Ansar Allah (Al-Houthi) group and former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh is suffering an inside corrosion with a severe gap between the two parties that forced the two leaders to try to solve the situation before a military clash explodes.

After all efforts have failed to cool down the situation under severe media mutual attack, the crisis witnessed “direct contact” on September 13th, the first of its kind, between Ali Abdullah Saleh, former president of Yemen and leader of the Conference Party who resides in Sanaa, and Abd Al-Malek Al-Houthi, leader of Al-Houthi Militia who lives in Sauuda – northern Yemen. On Hassan Nasrallah’s, Hezbollah’s leader, fashion, Al-Houthi attended the meeting via video conference.

The ally between Al-Houthi and Saleh was officially declared on July 2016 but festivals held in Sanaa on August 24th, individually as a show of power revealed deep disputes between the two parties, accused by the legitimate government and the Arab Ally under Saudi command to lead a coup against legitimate authority. On that date, the Conference Party held festivals in Al-Sabeen Square for the 35th anniversary of establishment while Al-Houthi mobilized his militants on four other squares as response under the slogan “Aggression for Aggression”.

The conflict snowball started to grow after shy appearance of the Conference Party’s festival in Al-Sabeen Square in Sanaa for its 35th anniversary. There, Al-Houthi started to accuse their bitter ally.

On September 9th, Al-Houthi replaced members of the Supreme Council of Justice, General Organization of Insurance, Deputies of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Office of Monitoring and Accountability who were all loyal to Saleh.

Agreements between leaders did not milt the ice between the two parties as Saleh and his party’s leaders did not attend Al-Houthi’s celebration of invading Sanaa three years ago, held last Thursday. On Saturday, the Conference Party declared “Practical Suggestions” for correcting imbalance in partnership with Al-Houthi without revealing its nature.

Both parties may have a last chance for solving their conflicts after the two leaders, Saleh and al-Houthi, interfered, but although negotiations may not end until later on this month, security situations will remain tense. While negotiators are in closed rooms talking, their supporters are ready to pull the trigger waiting for results of new negotiations.

Individual decisions and disposing Saleh’s Men

Arrangement of the Conference Party for celebrating its 35th anniversary raised unprecedent fears among Al-Houthi group and this led them to hold counter-festivals under the slogan of “Aggression for Aggression”. This led to two days of clashes and the killing of “Khaled Al-Rady” a leading member of Saleh’s party and three other Houthis

In spite of agreements between leaderships of the two parties for “Diffusion of Conflict”, conflicts remained rising, especially after Al-Houthi disposed tens of commanding officers loyal to Saleh from their positions inside the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its Joint agencies in addition to appointing military command loyal to Al-Houthi. Saleh’s party has 50% of representation inside the political council for managing territories under their control.

Military Solution for Yemen Crisis

Abd Rabu Mansour Hady, President of Yemen, said that he is not expecting the conflict between his enemies, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and Ansar Allah (al-Houthi), to reach military clash. This was said in a TV encounter with Hady on Al-Arabia Channel and Saba Press published extracts of it on Sunday morning. Hady indicated that the conflict between Saleh and Al-Houthi is merely political about power and type of regimen. He also indicated that both parties know that any armed clash will lead them to their end. Thus, the conflict will remain purely political.

Concerning the Yemen crisis in general, President Hady indicated that “the military solution is most probable for the Yemen Crisis after three years of Al-Houthi and Saleh’s intolerance”. He indicated that Al-Houthi refused a UN plan for surrendering Al-Hodeida Port (west of Yemen) to of neutral party to be run be under UN supervision due to huge revenues of the port used by Al-Houthi in funding military actions against civilians all over Yemen. He also indicated that Al-Houthi turned down a suggestion that these revenues to be deposited in the Central Bank of Yemen – Al-Hodeida Branch and governmental employees’ salaries to be delivered through the bank using these revenues. Furthermore, Hady indicated that Al-Houthi seizes more than 70% of Yemen’s National income.

UN delegate to Yemen, Ismail Wald Al-Sheikh Ahmed, previously suggested a plan for Al-Hodeida City and port on the Red Sea. By that plan, Al-Hodeida is to be surrendered to a third, neutral, party and Al-Houthi withdraws outside the port while the Arab Ally stops all military actions on the west coast.



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