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HAQ” for Rights and Freedoms Holds a Discussion Forum in Khanfar

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Abian – Khanfar – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] With participation of all political and social spectra and with attendance of several politicians, media men and human rights activists, HAQ organization for rights and freedoms held a discussion form under the title of “Economic Challenges and Legitimacy of the Southern Transitional Council”. Mazen Al-Yousufy, a lawyer and human rights activist and Adel Al-Haithamy, the economic expert, attended the meeting held in Dr. Abd Al-Haleem Rajeh’s hall – Jear – Khanfar. Al-Khedr Al-Muiassery, chairman of HAQ organization attended the forum and Mr. Ahmed Saioud ran it. Mazen Al-Yousufy presented a work paper about the roots of the southern cause since its beginning, the role of the southern transitional council and the right for self-determination. He also talked about the legitimacy of the council and the right of the southern people in demanding the restoration of their state that was robbed in summer of 1994. Al-Yousufy identified five stages for the southern cause since 1990 till now. Adel Al-Haithamy talked about the economic challenges faced by the southern transitional council, how to cope them and how to make a difference in living standards of the southern citizen according to fair distribution of fortune among southern governorates in a federal state. Participants asked several questions that enriched the discussion and expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the two spokesmen.

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