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Head of National Southern Media Authority meets Director General of Endowments and Guidance in Aden the capital

Mr. Salem Thabet Al-Awlaki, Head of the National Southern Media Authority, on Sunday, in his office in the capital, Aden, met Dr. Mohammed Hussein Al-Wali, Director General of the Endowments and Guidance Office in Aden.

In the meeting, which was attended by Mr. Mukhtar Al-Yafei, deputy head of the Authority, the two sides discussed the situation of the Endowment and Guidance Office, its efforts and guidance programs, and the importance of integration between the National Authority for Southern Media and the Endowment and Guidance Office.

Al-Awlaki explained that the south is witnessing changes and developments at all political, military, security and service levels that require the concerted efforts of all in order to create a positive atmosphere that guarantees stability and internal security and achieve the higher interests of the south and its people.

Salem Al-Awlaki stressed that the National Authority is interested in setting up a joint mechanism with the Office of Endowments and Guidance in setting parameters for advocacy and guidance discourse that builds and does not destroy and contributes to maintaining security and stability, indicating that the Endowment Office in the capital, Aden, has a great importance in achieving this lofty goal.

The meeting discussed the phenomenon of the spread of illegal mosque broadcasts and work to stop them and adhere to licenses and legal procedures by the Endowments and Guidance Office and the competent authorities.

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